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We are solution driven.

Competent solutions in Quality assurance and optimization.

More than 15 years of competence and experience in quality matters.

We are a service provider specializing in quality assurance.

In addition to the inspection and rework of products of various materials, inspection of electronic components, measurements and material testing we support our international customers and their suppliers with their quality planning projects, FMEA and the start of series production.

More than half of our assignments get started on the same day.

– inspections
– quality wall
– sorting
– measurement engineering
– material testing


Direct communication

Get in touch with our on-site contact persons


International assignment coordination.

Through Qualitas network.


Logistical support

For your goods to us and back again


Transfer of quality know-how

Make or your processes better on the long-run.


Cross border assignment teams

Rapid reaction teams for suppliers or customers.


Cost reduction

Reduce your finance transaction costs.

We are worldwide.


Location: Chemnitz

Saxony is another traditional location for the automobile supplier industry, along with Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria and Lower Saxony. Assignments in Germany and Europe are naturally available.
Qualitas GmbH
+49 371 8365 200-0

Location: Poznan

Poznan is one of the centres of automobile production in Poland. Our employees supervise and ensure quality processes on-site and also look after customers outside of Poland.
+48 662 0821 25

Location: Louny

Excellent suitability for all assignments in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as support in neighbouring Germany.
In addition, all assignments can be synchronized worldwide with other locations by a supervisor.
Qualitas Control Czech Republic
+42 060 6657 685

Location: Curitiba

The industry location is in the catchment area of other economic centres such as São Paulo and Joinville.
Pro-Q Brazil
+55 419 9944 3030

Network Synergy

With this system your branch offices abroad can also profit effectively from the know-how and qualities of our international partners. The required and provided information can be made available in the desired languages and distributed to those involved in the process. A project-related customization of the resources is carried out in every case.